Saturday, August 10, 2019

The "Tell the Story" Challenge

Hello, folks! Allison Grace @ tagged me for the Tell the Story Challenge, so today I am posting that! Here are its rules:

1. Pick an image out of the choices.
2. Write a short story, poem, or whatever applies to that image.
3. Choose other bloggers to do the challenge.
4. Give your nominees a few more images to choose from.

You can read Allison's post (and her cool poem!) here. When Allison tagged me, I picked this image out of the choices she gave me:

'Cause it's a pig. And pigs are cool. (Think Charlotte's Web.) And it is such an interesting image! So I wrote this pig's story for him. Without further ado, "A Hog's Log: Day #3":


It is so good to be free, but the journey proceeding a pig’s escape is not always easy. Especially when it involves swimming.

I stepped into the ocean this morning with only the knowledge of where I had came from. I knew very well that I was fleeing the bacon farm, but little did I know what lay ahead.

Why am I swimming away from my old home? That is a simple question. You see, some pigs need to act for themselves. Not every pig can have a spider to spin webs with nice things about them. Not every pig can become too famous to be butchered. Some pigs have to escape death themselves.

I’m swimming because I realize I’m not the most important pig in the world, so I won’t survive if I stay at my farm. But it is tough for a pig to leave his farm, too. So I decided that, with a little courage, I could escape a horrible death. With a little courage, I could head toward something else instead.

In a way, everybody is a swimming pig.

Everyone’s swimming away from something, and everyone’s swimming toward the unknown.

Everyone feels as if they are far more suited for dry land, but they must swim, with just as many swimming fins as a pig has.

Everyone has to choose to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

If you take another angle, you’ll also notice that everyone has a seagull on their back. Sure, he’s your wingman, a loyal companion on a long journey. But he also weighs you down. And to be frank, some seagulls aren’t as helpful as spelling-bee-gold-medalist spiders.

But we’ll get through this. Just keep swimming.


Now to tag some bloggers! After some careful thinking, I choose...

Jessis Bingham @ 

Here are their image choices:

Dog, Bridge, Architecture, Quadruped

Squirrel, Shopping Cart, Nuts, Nager

Fisherman, Hut, Village, Man, Swamp

(All of these are from Pixabay, so don't worry about copyright.) ;)


  1. Oh wow! What a cool idea! Thank you so much for the tag! How kind! I know just which picture I'm going to choose! :D

    Aww! That was so cute!! While I love the Charlotte's Web references, I must admit, I got a distinctly Babe feel from this XD My favorite bit was the third paragraph, though that fourth one comes in a close second!

    1. You are absolutely welcome! =D I can’t wait to see what you make!

      Thank you! XD That’s great! It was fun to write!

  2. Hi Eliana,
    Very creative take on a fun image!

  3. Nice job! I grinned at the Nemo reference, since my former boss used to say that a lot!

    1. Thank you! Dory is a great fish to quote. ;)