My Testimony

My testimony is pretty simple -- all thanks be to God that I was saved young! Besides that fact, I will not linger on the history details of my conversion because it didn’t just happen overnight.

In fact, even though I like to think I know myself pretty well, I cannot pinpoint when exactly I was saved. It was a long process similar to many other people’s transformations. I grew up knowing about God yet having no relationship with him (Matthew 13:13). Just by default, I didn’t deny his existence for a long time.

Then the doubts came. I rebelled against God and didn’t trust His Truth. But eventually I realized that He was stronger, so I surrendered. I’m so glad God showed me the Truth. That’s when my freedom began (Romans 6:22).

The process of surrendering my life to God went really slowly, and I didn’t go by the rules at first. It took me a while to start hating my sin and treasuring Christ properly. I don’t know at what point it was a real surrender, but that’s not important to me. What matters is where I am now.

Before my transformation, I was lost to the world. Utterly lost and blind. The only things that mattered then were ways of the world and myself. Every choice, even the ones that looked nice, were for selfish purposes at the heart. Yet I was blind to my sin (John 9:25). I even thought I was a good person.

Then I was found. Everything makes sense now that Jesus has given me sight. My run of life is no longer on the path to eternal death, but eternal life (John 3:36). Yes, I still deserve eternal death, but Jesus has saved me. I am still a sinner, but under the guidance of my Father, I am seeing growth. Every bit of my life has changed and is changing by God’s grace.

This may not seem like an exciting story to you, but for me, my story is about the biggest thing ever and how it flipped my life upside down. The gospel and its message is so great, it has made the most valuable things on earth look like rubbish (Philippians 3:8). Jesus is a life changer, the Life Changer, and I am so grateful to have been chosen by God to experience His forgiveness.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey to faith with us. We love to read about how God is working in and through you!

  2. Happy to hear it. Thank you for reading! :)

  3. Beautiful! Love you so very much!!

  4. God is so good! Thanks for sharing your story! ❤️

  5. Eliana,
    Thank you for sharing about your journey with the Lord. It is so encouraging how He works in our lives. It is such a good reminder for all of us.
    You are such a blessing! I thank the Lord you are my granddaughter. Love

    1. I happy to hear that. Thank you! I love having you as my grandma. :)