About Me and My Blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Eliana, as you can see at the top of the page, and I’m super excited to write and see where it goes.

A few things you should know are that I’m a Jesus-following, homeschooled, high school sophomore. I have ten younger siblings at the time I write this. I love the color purple. Watercolor pencils and the feeling of words pouring out of my head then presenting themselves on paper are both amazing. I’ve been learning a lot about writing through the Young Writer’s Workshop.

I came to the Christian faith very young and was baptized on June 2018 and have been blessed with much growth in knowing Jesus since.

Also, I've been published a few times! You can see my posts on the Rebelution and my article in the Women's Spectrum.

My personality: I am an INFJ, usually a very quiet person, a perfectionist, and I really dislike interruptions and changed plans.

My book in progress is called Booker Bunny and the 99 Captives. So far I’ve written one 19,000-word draft and am over 15,000 words into the second. To not give anything away, I’ll just say it is about a bunny on a rescue mission.

About the blog: Well, I started blogging to help me consistently practice and grow in writing, with the additional hope that every writer has — to encourage and inspire with my words. Now you’ll find many articles about living in faith, living in a large family, as well as occasional fiction here and there.